~ Alexander, Kansas ~

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The Alexander School is a time capsule spanning nearly four generations of American history. School is a hard place for many that holds memories and emotions in its walls. The students from this school have seen WWI, WWII, the Spanish Flu Pandemic, Polio Epidemic, the Korean War, boys being drafted,  the Great Depression, tragedies, rivalries, and victories. The school has seen the days when punishment was reinforced in a more strict manner.

Singing has been heard from the gymnasium stage, doors have shut on their own, shadow people have been seen in the hallways, equipment activation, to name a few experiences. Accounts from locals have similar stories. This massive 30,000 sq. ft. historical building is sure to make for a great night of paranormal investigation.

The Alexander School has been a pillar and monument on the plains in the town of Alexander for the last 100 years. Come help us explore this historical and beautiful building built by the sweat and blood of early day homesteaders back in 1916!