Preservation of the ALEXANDER SCHOOL Facebook-Join-Our-Group

We are pleased to announce our next preservation project is the school building in Alexander, Kansas. Neglected for many years the school has been filled with clutter, most windows are broken along with damaged doors and entry ways, and the roof is in dire need of repair. Our goal is to preserve and maintain this structure for further generations to enjoy. The building was built in 1916 with the gym addition in 1930. It is a very sturdy building being built of limestone block with a brick facade. It has three very nice stone arches that have been hand carved. This old building has seen a lot in the last 100 years. It saw kids come and go and has stood like a giant watching out over the town of Alexander. It has been a playground for teens exploring in the night and now has become the nesting place for critters of the plains. It now is in much need of help since the roof has been damaged by storms and is leaking pretty bad. At this time, we are in the process of removing the clutter. The next step will be to repair windows and doors to keep the elements out. The roof is the most pressing, however, the most expensive item on the “to do” list. With the roof fixed, the building–that is well crafted–will be there for a long time.


Preservation of the TRADING POST

This will make Adventure Tours of Kansas 3rd structure we have saved. Currently, we are also working on an old residence/trading post in Rooks County on Lost Creek. It is a stone structure that has actually fallen down and we are in the process of putting a new foundation and laying up the limestone once again.

Preservation of THE HOLYROOD HOUSE